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AI Voice Calling For Locksmith Calls


Getting Started With AI Voice Calling For Locksmith Calls

We started by setting up an AI voice avatar with Technologicall.com. 24/7 LLA Services wanted to make certain that even if we missed a phone call or lead, our system would make sure that they got an answer before they called another locksmith. Getting started with our AI calling campaign was extremely easy, we had no idea the reaches it would go for us.

Using AI Voice Calling To Answer Calls

AI voice calling robot

When we would miss a call the result was that on the end of the 3rd ring our AI avatar Jeff would pick up the phone and start having a conversation. Asking important questions such as:

  • What’s your address you need a locksmith at?
  • What kind of locksmith service do you need help with?
  • Our closest locksmith will arrive at your location in just under 45 minutes, is that okay with you?
  • Do you want me to have the locksmith call you before they arrive to answer any further questions for you?

Then, as long as the customer wanted to book the service call, our artificial intelligence would do an appointment booking module and get their service call on our technicians calendar. We were surprised as we added an additional 24% to our monthly gross revenue. That was before the next part that basically just changed our business forever.

AI Voice Calling For Commercial Leads

In order to generate business for us when no one was calling, we setup an outbound AI voice sales campaign. Offering low rates and quality locksmith services, our avatar sought out and called every commercial building or management company it could find in Los Angeles. We ended up at the end of our first thirty days active, generated 17 new commercial locksmith service accounts.

Is AI Avatar Or Voice Cloning Technology Legal?

Now, we’ve been active for about three months and then we heard about the FCC ruling that AI voice calling could be illegal when combined with robocalls. Since we only contact customers that have reached out to us and B2B for our outbound campaign we were able to clarify that we had no issues with our setup.

Central to this issue and FCC ruling though was that the technology was being used to defraud people. As long as you are safely using this tech to improve your customer experience, then you will have no issues setting up an artificial intelligence call center for your business.

So What’s Next?

Now that we are moving along smoother than ever, we’ve started to expand and are adding a new locksmith shop in both West Covina and Long Beach. We haven’t had to pick up more than 10% of our inbound calls since we started and this frees up so much time to get the work done. We are more efficient than ever and are launching a new mobile app for our new CRM integration with Technologicall next month.

Give us a call if you have any questions on how to use AI voice callers for your home service business or locksmith company. We’ve never seen another piece of dispatching software that worked better.

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