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Your Precious Car And Key – 5 Safety Tips From Los Angeles Locksmiths You Should Be Aware Of

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Whether it is your vehicle or your car keys, you always want to keep them safe and prevent them from getting stolen. You should be more careful with the safety of your vehicle if it is an ultra-modern electric car. According to recent studies, more than 92% of stolen cars that were covered last year had keyless entries which is quite shocking given that they are some of the most advanced examples of automobile engineering. According to the leading Locksmith Los Angeles, it is never a good idea to take the security of your cars and keys lightly. The following section talks about a few tips that are going to help you safeguard both your vehicle and your car keys efficiently. Let’s discuss:


Locksmith Los Angeles - LLA Services

1. Invest In A Dependable And Strong Steering Wheel Lock

This is something that you should do first thing tomorrow morning. Investing in the right locks and gadgets for your vehicle is very important. A steering lock is one of those gadgets that can protect your vehicle 24/7. If you have been noticing a rise in automobile burglaries and thefts all around your area, it is advised to go with a strong steering lock that can prevent the thief from turning the steering wheel even an inch.

2. Always Keep Your Keys Away From Any Entry Points

If you have a habit of keeping your car keys close to the entry point or near a window or a door, it is never going to be good for the safety of your vehicle. You should know that your car key fobs have a range of 5 meters to 20 meters on average. Keeping them close to the entry points of your house is going to make it easier for thieves to pick up their signals and get access to your vehicle. This is not something that the leading Car Key Replacement Los Angeles experts recommend. So make it a point to keep them as far away as possible from any doors and windows. You should ideally store your car keys inside a signal-blocking pouch in your bedroom or in an area of the house that does not have many windows.

3. Shop For The Right Signal Blocking Pouches

Yes! There are signal-blocking pouches, boxes, and containers that are easily available in the market. They are lined with a thin metal coating that prevents any thief or burglar from picking up the signal of your car key fob. These are highly useful for you if you have an ultra-modern or electric vehicle that has a keyless entry. It is always better to cultivate a habit of storing your car keys in these boxes and pouches whenever you are done for the day. So once you have parked your car inside the garage, make sure to keep your car keys in these pouches only.


4. Alarm Systems For Your Cars

Your Locksmith West Hollywood professional is also going to suggest that you invest in a loud and clear alarm system for your vehicle. This is going to wake you up in case somebody tries to access your vehicle. If there happens to be any attempt on stealing your vehicle you will know because of the alarm and siren connected to your vehicle and so will the nearest cops making rounds.

5. Turn Off Your Car Key Fobs

The leading Locksmith Beverly Hills experts also suggest that you should turn off your car key fob when you have finally called it a day. You can turn the signal of the key fob off manually if the car key allows for that feature after you have returned home from work. This is going to prevent any thief or burglar from intercepting that signal. It will make it impossible for them to break into your vehicle and steal it.


Car Key Replacement Los Angeles


Final Thoughts

You should use these tips if you want to prevent your car keys and the car from being stolen. These preventive measures help you keep all the stress away from your life. Other than this, it is also advised to choose a dependable Locksmith Los Angeles company so that you never have to face a lockout situation.

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