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Finding the right door can provide your home with the comfort and protection it deserves while enhancing the look and design of your style. That’s why LLA Doors Services offers a wide range of door styles and products to fit your needs and budget. Whether you are looking for a new modern front door, or you want to install elegant French doors in your home, we have the best selection to choose from. 

The experts at LLA Doors Services are highly skilled and trained to get get the project completed in a timely manner without compromising quality. Our professionals are knowledgeable about all the latest door trends and will recommend the best door to enhance your exterior and interior design. 

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Our Services

Exterior Doors

Replacing your entry door can be an easy way to enhance the exterior of your home. Whether your design style leans towards rustic wooden doors or iron detailing doors, LLA Doors Services can help you select the perfect door that would complement your home style and design.

Interior Doors

LLA Doors Services offers a variety of interior door styles to make your interior space feel like home. Your bedroom, living room, and other interior doors are an essential part of the overall look of your home and offer other benefits including protection and insulation. Your interior doors need to be functional all the time, replacing or repairing your existing doors should be done frequently. Here at LLA Doors Services, we provide you with your interior door solutions that would fit any home, style, or need.

Storm & Screen Doors

Professional storm and screen doors for weather and pest protection. We offer a selection of storm & screen doors all designed to protect and enhance your home. Choose LLA Doors Services for your home’s protection against storms and extreme weather, as well as screen doors that improve airflow while keeping insects outside. Front door, patio, or garden, wherever you need a screen or storm door, we can install it!

Patio & Garden Doors

Allow the natural warm LA sun into your home and enjoy the view of your garden through the French patio doors with our range of wood and glass patio and garden doors. The beautiful view of our doors options can enhance your patio and gardens. Increase your home’s insulation by replacing your old French doors with new glass doors from the LLA Doors Services collection or get your garden wooden doors fixed for easy outdoor access.


Have trouble with your doors? Damaged frame, knobs, or panels? LLA Doors Service can repair it! We can solve any number of door and framing issues. Our technicians specialize in door repair and replacement including interior and exterior doors, storm and screen doors, door heads, grills, or sidelights.

Door Renew

LLA Doors Services renews and restores wood doors. From painting to sanding, to staining and refinishing, our skilled team can take care of any type of door including mahogany, pine, and walnut. Our door renewing process brings any type of door to its original glory.

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